What the woman behind Beckham’s 6-pack eats in a day

What the woman behind Beckham’s 6-pack eats in a day

David Beckham is not hot.

He is hot AF times a million – and mind you, this is just his face we’re talking about.When it comes to his body, we a) somehow happen to lose the aptitude to speak; and b) cannot take our eyes off that abs of his. After all, we’re only human.While we’d all be able to stare at his perfect six-pack for hours upon hours, we can just cut to the chase and go straight to the person behind them – his former trainer Texan Hailing.

The former model turned health coach and author has proven herself as one of the top fitness and well being experts worldwide, with a creme client resume including Beckham himself, Natalie Imbroglio, and models Jessica Tomes and Lara Stone. So, it’s only logical to think that in order to teach people (aka top celebs) to be their healthiest versions of themselves, she needs to be additional fit herself.Well, what’s astonishing is that her diet does not read ‘salad’ or ‘low-crab in its place, it looks like a pretty average day on a plate to us:


2 eggs and ¼ avocados scrambled together with butter, and salt and pepper.


Chicken broth with dual toasted Spring Wholefoods bread topped with butter.


Well-done eye fillet steak with broccoli enhanced with garlic and Dijon mustard.


Of course, she compliments her diet with a balanced exercise routine.“I’m currently doing the Strength Program at Fitness Culture, a 60 minute weight session twice per week,” Texan tells m I do one Pilates class per week at Balance Moves in Bond… and I am trying to get out for a 40-minute walk around my neighborhood at least twice per week.”She also likes to fit in a yoga class when she has the time.


     What the woman behind Beckham's 6-pack eats in a day

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